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EXYPP GALANOS Safety and Health at work.

EXYPP Galanos Monorosopi IKE was founded by executives with many years of experience in the fields of Safety & Health at Work and its main objective is to provide the necessary services for the prevention and protection of every business.

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The insurance at work is a very important area.

At EXYPP GALANOS we are committed to safeguarding Health and Safety
of your business by providing you with all the necessary services it can
to need.

He trusts us for years a large number of businesses in our area.

See an indicative sample of our clientele and contact us to inform you further about all of our services.


Check based on standards and specifications.

Regular control and absolute protection at all levels.

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Our Customers
See some of the businesses that have trusted us for years.

Book a meeting with us so we can inform you and solve all your questions about the provision of our services.

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